metallographic testing facility

Metallographic Testing Facility

In conjunction with our thermal spray coating facility, APPI has a full, in-house NADCAP accredited metallographic testing facility for coating evaluation.


Testing on thermal sprayed coatings include:


  • Micro Hardness Testing
  • Macro Hardness Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Metallographic Preparation and Evaluation Digital Photos and Reports

GEAE and NADCAP Accreditation for:


  • F50TF10 C-LA
  • F50TF10 C-LB
  • F50TF18 CL-A (B50TF119 CL-A)
  • F50TF18 CL-A (B50TF56 CL-A)
  • F50TF22 CL-A
  • F50TF24 CL-B
  • F50TF102 CL-A (B50TF56 CL-A / A50TF87 CL-B)
  • F50TF102 CL-A (B50TF56 CL-A / A50TF87 CL-A)
  • P16TF5 CL-B (A50TF87 CL-A)
  • P16TF5 CL-B (A50TF87 CL-B)
  • P16TF5 CL-B (B50TF42 CL-A)
  • EPS1-411
  • EPS1-498 Molybdenum

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